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The highest rated cleaning service in Tuscaloosa.

Proud Partners
Since 2010 we have been a partner with Cleaning For A Reason and have cleaned breast cancer patients homes across Tuscaloosa free.

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3500+ Customers

We have cleaned over 3500 happy Tuscaloosa, Alabama area customers over the last 10 years and continue to improve everyday!

Guaranteed cleaning quality for Tuscaloosa and Northport Alabama

We Back Our Work!

Our policy is that a final walk-through is performed by our maid(s) with you to make sure we have exceeded your expectations before you pay!

Reliable cleaning

Trustworthy Cleaning

Your home or business will receive the highest cleaning value each, quality, and reliability with each and every cleaning we provide.


With our Maid Clean By Design Option we can customize our cleaning service to fit your exact cleaning needs and budget.

What To Expect From Our Cleaning Service

Engineered Clean

Several years ago our Engineered Clean division created a modern visual system for cleaning personnel to follow. Now we use it in all company divisions.


All of our cleaning personnel are background checked and trained. We are licensed,bonded, and insured with two million dollar liability coverage.

Equipped To Work

When our cleaning service team arrives at your home or office door they are organized, equipped, and ready to give you superior cleaning quality.

10 Years On Top

For ten years our Google Places reviews show us as the top rated house cleaning and janitorial service in Tuscaloosa County. We still find a way to improve every day!

Read More…The visual cleaning system comes in laminated cards for non-phone access areas and a dynamic mobile version that walks our people through each step, visually.

Read More…We made a decision when we started this business that we would never stop learning and improving. There’s always a faster, better way of cleaning homes and businesses.

Read More…We believe in controlling everything we can in order to improve the cleaning service outcome. That’s why, in all our divisions, we bring our own supplies and equipment.

Read More…With over 80 reviews our track record in Tuscaloosa speaks for itself!

Tuscaloosa house cleaning service techniques

Cleaning Methods

No cleaning team can be successful without fundamentals being established first. House cleaning techniques include proper mopping techniques and what products to use by floor type as an example.


The visual house cleaning system in action

Visual Home Cleaning

Nobody likes to follow a long monotonous text based procedure. Text only is prone to misinterpretation leading to errors and less desire to completely follow. Visual guidance creates a smoother, faster cleaning process.

Home cleaning details are important and a big part of our visual cleaning system.

Lock-in Details

Without good training and a great procedure support system all those “moving parts” or details are too easy to miss. Detailed cleaning tasks is what the visual cleaning system was originally developed for.

Cleaning Tips

Removing Iron Oxide

When trying to remove rings from around faucets and drains use Barkeepers Friend powder version. Barkeepers friend contains oxalic acid which cleans iron oxide and calcium. It’s safe to use on stainless steel and chrome. For tougher stains use phosphoric acid based products such as SpartanChemical Foamy QA.

Adhoc Window Cleaner

Run out of window cleaner or finding out it’s taking too long to clean tough windows? Take a tip from our house cleaning services and use a disinfectant wipe. Right after cleaning the window with the wipe dry it with a clean microfiber rag. It works great, and, in some instances – better then window cleaner.

Stainless Steel Tips

Our janitorial/residential services Know how to get the most out of stainless steel. Clean stainless steel with a phosphoric acid product formulated for stainless steel which removes calcium/iron oxide. Once cleaned further shine and protect with an petroleum distillates based (vs water based) stainless steel cleaner/polish.

Hardwood Floors

When cleaning hardwood make sure that you use low moisture and microfiber pads vs the ol’ slop mop bucket. Also use hardwood cleaner, and, if dilution is required by the product only mix with distilled or reverse osmosis water as standard tap (hard) water will leave streaks (calcium/rust deposits) dulling floor.

Cleaning Service Divisions…

1351 35th Street office 124, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401 – 902 Main Avenue, Northport, Al 35476

Areas We Provide Maid Service To: Buhl, AL – Northport, AL – Tuscaloosa, AL – Vance, AL – Fosters, Al – Holt, AL – All of Tuscaloosa County